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What we do for you
Your first visit begins with a personal interview. Our placement specialist will learn about you, your skills, your experience and what you are seeking in a job.

We enter your information into our completely integrated front and back office search system. We then review this information using our knowledge of local employers to match your qualifications.

What should I bring to my interview?
• One of the following State or Federal issued identification:
         • Driver's License
         • Military Identification
         • Passport
         • State Issued Identification
• One of the following:
         • Social Security Card
         • Birth Certificate
• CURRENT (30 days of today's date) Criminal background report from the County Sheriff’s Department that matched your driver's license
• Your resume and references

Is there a fee for your service?
All fees are client paid. Our service is free to employees

Will I be tested?
Your placement specialist will let you know about testing, some of which can be done at home.

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